Art and Form is a boutique visualisation firm based in Sydney Australia.

The studio is run by Wade Muller, who has over 10 years experience in the Architectural Visualisation. Art and Form has been operating for 2 years and was previously Wade Muller Digital.

Projects we have completed cross every architectural area, from Hospitality, Residential, Commercial, and Infrastructure. Our work has been across all media, news, billboards and even MOMA (Museum of Modern Art NYC).

Currently Art and Form is a studio of one but has a network for artist to work on larger projects under the experience and direction of Wade. We have worked with Developers, Architecture Firms, and the Australian Government.

Wade Muller

Creative Director

Our Approach

Our Approach the the visualisation process is distinct from other studios as we focus on not just the production of collateral but also the overall visual strategy for the projects.

Visualisations can have a significant impact on key stakeholders when presented, whether that be a client, the public, buyers, or consumers. We believe there is much more to the process then taking a CAD model and applying finishes and rendering. The right angle, lighting, composition, can demonstrate to viewers the key design features that you have crafted.

Recently we worked on a new building for a major sports team. One of the key stakeholders were the players. This highlighted to us the focus of that set of images was how the sports facilitates would function for them, both aesthetically and practically. The key was to display the thorougher planning the architects implemented in the design of the building and it’s relationship to the adjacent sport field.

Working closely with the design teams, we construct a visual strategy for the projects. Hitting the right kinds of images, showing the right kinds of spaces, to deliver enticing, exciting and engaging visual collateral.


Still Images

Still images are the most common visualisation medium. A still image can sell an unusual concept to a client, market to a potential buyer, or even inform a concerned public.

The art in still images is what is in the frame. This is where a considered visual strategy can help. We can work with you to determine what will be most important to your audience, how many images you will need to capture your project and it’s impact.

Still images range from full 3d created, photo montage (adding a project into an existing photo), and concept image (more abstract and impression-based).


Animation can be a powerful tool in creating a complete mood and understanding for your development or project. By nature animation can cover more design then a simple image. Animation can dramatically enhance marketing material, clearly explain a complex design, or create a  visual tool for further development.

We have worked on large infrastructure animations for the NSW Government and luxury residential marketing animation for developers. Experience is the key with animation. Targeting the right content for the right audience. With the increase of social media video, we can create small “clips” to add to posts to make them more engaging.

Product Visualisation

Virtual sets offer Manufacturers a unique opportunity to craft images that can achieve a lot more than a photography budget. As is the nature of the digital products we create, almost anything is possible. We can create images for every colour option you produce, any location and any conditions. Working together can develop a set of images or animation that engage your consumer, enrich your social presence, and stand out from your competitors.

Digital environments offer multitude of options and iteration. Have a kitchen system you would like to show in a Parisian Chateau but you have no budget to accomplish that? That’s where we come in. We create hyper-real photo-real environments that consumers won’t tell the difference.

Recent Work